Georgios Liargkovas

Γιώργος Λιαργκόβας

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Member of:
- Atlas Group @ Brown
- BALab       @ AUEB
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About me

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from the Department of Management Science and Technology of Athens University of Economics and Business. I am also a research associate at BALab, where I conduct research related to software engineering and programming languages, advised by Prof. Diomidis Spinellis.

I am also a research affiliate at the Atlas Systems Group at the Computer Science Department of Brown Univerisy, working on the PaSh project, a shell-script parallelization project hosted by the Linux Foundation, under the supervision of Prof. Nikos Vasilakis. We developed hs, an out-of-order shell script executor, that automatically executes scripts in parallel without any user involvement. We also developed try, a lightweight command-line sandbox tool which lets users inspect the results of a command before committing the result. I continue to actively work on PaSh, hs, and try.

My research interests lie in the broader area of computer systems. I am deeply fascinated by the design and implementation of self-optimizing systems, crafted to adapt to dynamic performance needs such as throughput, responsiveness, and scalability. Key to this is the blend of system abstractions which mitigate design-related overheads and dynamic adaptation made possible by innovative system monitoring, scheduling and load-balancing methods. Additionally, I am interested in leveraging program analysis techniques to drive software-level enhancements for these systems, embracing approaches like adaptive compilation and runtime script optimization and statistical methods for optimization.

Recent news

Nov. 2023 I will be serving as Junior PC member for EuroSys 2024!
Oct. 2023 I will be serving as Junior PC member for Mining Software Respositories 2024 (MSR ‘24)!
Oct. 2023 I joined the PaSh research workshop, for a week of PaSh hacking! I presented a deep dive of hs.
Jun. 2023 binpash - try makes it to the top of Hacker News and surpasses 1000 GitHub stars! (currently stars - try forks - try )
Jun. 2023 I will be serving as Co-Chair of Web Pressence for Mining Software Respositories 2024 (MSR ‘24)!
Apr. 2023 Speculative shell paper was accepted to HotOS 23’!
Mar. 2023 Graduated with Honors from my Bachelor’s Degree! 🎓
Oct. 2022 Starting my Research Assistantship at Brown University!

Select publications

  1. HotOS ’23
    Executing Shell Scripts in the Wrong Order, Correctly
    Georgios LiargkovasKonstantinos KallasMichael Greenberg, and Nikos Vasilakis
  2. TE ’22
    Software Engineering Education Knowledge Versus Industrial Needs
    Georgios Liargkovas, Angeliki Papadopoulou, Zoe Kotti, and Diomidis Spinellis
    IEEE Transactions on Education 2022


In my free time, I enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Long-distance running and cycling are close to my heart (feel free to follow me on ), either solo or with the company of others. Additionally, I'm passionate about curating playlists. Classic Rock, Indie, Alternative Rock, and Jazz are among my top genres, although I'm always open to exploring new musical horizons. In earlier days, I used to play the piano and take music theory lessons.